Why Become a Member of Huntington Seacliff PTA?


You might have found yourself at this page wondering, "what is PTA?" and "why should I join Seacliff PTA?"


Well let's start with the first question…


What is PTA?

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association… but it doesn’t stop there. PTA is comprised of family members, caretakers, administrators, staff, and business and community leaders devoted to the  success of our children's education and opportunities.


Should you join PTA?

YES!! No doubt about it. The PTA needs to hear your voice and perspective because we can do more together then apart.


What if you have no time?

The good thing is you decide how you want to PTA. There is no wrong or right way to PTA and be involved. Anything you can give, whether it’s time or money, is an investment in your child.


Do you have to go to the meeting each month?

No, but we would love to have you. Meetings are a place to see what happened over the last month and what is being planned to happen soon, along with volunteer opportunities. Also, you hear directly from Mr. A about school news. If you are a person that likes to know what is happening, the PTA association meetings are for you.


You bought a PTA membership last year, do you need to buy one this year?

Yes, each membership expires at the end of the school year. Buying a membership gives up-to-date information, access to our secure online directory, voting rights at meetings, and many other perks.


What has Huntington Seacliff PTA done for our school and kids?

LOTS. The PTA has helped finance many school events, programs, school upgrades, staff support, and helped put together community events and fundraising. All of these are vital to the Seacliff Sea Stars.

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